Decision Maker Analytics


  • Higher performance & returns:  Identify and counteract cognitive bias
  • Better investment decisions: Determine preferences and styles
  • Successful financial behavior: Discover unconscious emotions and performance obstacles
  • Optimize team composition by using behavioral team analytics
  • Effective employee selection with behavioral screening of candidates
  • Excite clients with individual insight and advice by understanding their behavioral traits and preferences
  • Make powerful predictions and product recommendations with behavioral data


Behavioral Finance Scan

  • Generates objective, detailed behavioral analysis of financial professionals and teams
  • Determines decision-makers’ behavioral make-up and decision tendencies, quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Identifies hidden cognitive bias, emotions-based tendencies, other behavioral red flags
  • Uses cutting-edge behavioral and psychometric methods to reveal unconscious influences on investing behavior
  • Provides behavioral data about professional decision-makers that lead to actionable financial results

Behavioral Profiling Solutions

  • Make behavioral profiling part of your product and services
  • Deliver people insights to predict and motivate client behavior